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Originally Posted by iluvsnow View Post
Dreaming if you think Bellbrook has a chance !
Won't even be a game for IH !

I'm sure you're correct...I will call the coach and tell him to just cancel the trip. Maybe Waynesville's PK game with IH was just a mirage.
Yeah, it was a mirage. IH was all over W'ville. I think W'ville had two shots in regulation to IH's 20. Maybe more than 20. I would love to see the stats. I give it up to W'ville though. They were totally outgunned and did what they had to do, play physical. Refs allowed the physical play (not saying it was dirty, nor blaming refs as IH had TONS of opportunities) and that gave W'ville an edge to stay competitive.
To take B'brook lightly would be a mistake. They took down a very good Alter team. This is soccer, anything can happen. I expect a tight game. "On paper" IH is the better team, but the soccer ball can't read.....and this is the playoffs.