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Originally Posted by iluvsnow View Post
Yep...playing Chaminade Julienne twice, Northmont, Carroll, Fenwick, Alter, Mariemont, Valley View twice, Monroe twice and Oakwood twice and not losing to any of them will really hurt them in a tough game.

They also srimmaged Centerville...winning and Lebanon. The idea they play nothing but weak teams is just not true. Indian Hill is an awesome team and may well win...but Bellbrook has been fairly tested this season.
Well, scrimmages mean nothing so throw that out....

6 of their games are against cupcakes (Eaton, Brookville and Franklin twice)

Alter is tough, Northmont....but then the rest are average D2 schools. Fenwick won 3 games. CJ ehhh. The top Dayton D2 schools(besides Alter) are just not at the caliber of the top D2 and D3 Cinci schools.

I have nothing against the Golden Eagles, in fact I have some strong connections there. But for years I have been saying that to take that program to the next level they need to play some top out of conference games or lobby to only play league teams once. You can't play 6 games like that and go undefeated every other year and grow as a program. Yes is it nice to win 9-0 but that will come back to haunt you.
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