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Originally Posted by buckshooter5 View Post
Dreaming if you think Bellbrook has a chance !
Won't even be a game for IH !

Summit will walk to the state Final as long as AR is playing.

Loveland is very good at set pieces, but very average at best on the field and that is where they could fail , they should of worked on possesion instead of always trying to get corners ?

this will come back to bite them in the butt if they get behind.
Loveland gave up a total of 3 goals all season. Also, in order to get corners and flip throw opportunities means you have to have the ball in the attacking third, so that means something.

Any team can pass the ball around the back and say they "possessed" the ball and people make the mistake of equating this with being the better team. Possession does not win games, scoring goals wins games. When you have the best strikers in the city, the best option is to get them the ball directly, and that is what Loveland does.