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As someone who has had a couple womenís athletes develop well at OSU recently (including a trip to the junior world championships in the hammer throw and USA Nationals in the 800, with all three of our recent athletes going there being All Americans) I do not believe it is a place where talent goes to die. They donít focus on distance, so the successes there are more intermittent. When Robert Gary was there Ohio HS coaches constantly complained that all they ever developed were steeplechasers and 1500 runners. The recent distance coaching changes have no doubt made recruiting really though.

I have dabbled at trying to find out which colleges in Ohio do the best job at developing runners. Just with straight statistics. Doesnít really work because itís hard to know how factor in injuries and kids who just quit. But OSU isnít noticeably worse than the other D1 schools in Ohio overall. Actually for developing runners, on the average the top schools are all D3.
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