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Originally Posted by Kickin Wing View Post
As I stated in the second post on this thread, they should probably make me coach... actually they are probably looking for me now!

Correction on my post though, Tab Ramos not officially the interim coach. That was rumors from USMNT pool players. He has been acting as Technical Director since JK was fired, in an unofficial capacity.

Originally Posted by EastYoungstown View Post
Those same kids are practicing 2-4 nights

you know exactly what I'm talking about, but refuse to admit it

good luck with HS and college soccer fixing things..... what a joke.
Why would I refuse to admit it? I'm in the game, have been personally involved for years and continuously talk to coaches. We all have the same complaints.

If THAT much is going on in Youngstown, why haven't we seen more positive soccer come out of Youngstown? If it is legitimate positive soccer development, surely Youngstown is producing stud players. Kiki Willis was last one, and that unfortunately ended prematurely and terribly.
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