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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
My hometown FINALLY started a spring league in 2015 for youth players, and it was a hit! I tried for years to get it going, the fight was it would interfere with baseball season...that didn't start until late/mid May. It was a smaller league, half the size of fall league, but that's more kids that weren't in the sport through the season it was played.

Just because there's leagues and/or people playing once a week, doesn't mean soccer is getting better OR people are truly developing. I have coached club, worked in club, and constantly talk with club coaches. What is the common theme? The amount of players that don't show up for training, excuses, frustrations, etc.
Don't know where you are... But its not like that everywhere. I have lots of select coaches that are waiting for the VERY DAY that players on their High School teams lose in tournament, so they can pick training back up the next. Although, I am in Cincinnati... Soccer capital of Ohio!
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