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Originally Posted by lotr10 View Post
A total tear down from top to bottom.

Now I know this is going to rankle some folks who worship at the alter of "elite" club soccer but US soccer should at least look into focusing more attention on High School Soccer as a means of facilitating large scale youth development. Heck, this pipeline has worked very well for football.

Look the nature of American child labor laws and contracts makes it tricky to have European style academy's. Let's face it, high school soccer has an infrastructure in place to build off of as it has already organized the kids into groups, provided a structure for extensive practice and game playing and added a bit of spice in representing your school and playing in front of your classmates under the lights. Elite club soccer rarely offers all these things.

If US soccer started providing grants to high schools to upgrade their fields and provide training for their coaches and special local camps over the summer for the players (I know they already do some of this but I'm talking seriously enhancing the effort) then you might be surprised at the results in ten years.
I disagree with all of this. High school soccer is not the answer. You use high school football as the model, but that is not apples to apples. America has the monopoly on football in the world. America has all the athletes and sets the standard. We can run football just about anyway we want and we will still produce the best players and teams. That is not the case in soccer. This same sort of monopoly on the sport is what led to the US Woman's program being so successful. We were one of the first countries to buy into the idea of letting woman sports be legit. Thus that gave our women a head start on training and development over the rest of the World. And we showed what that head start can do. But now the women's game is starting to look like the men's game when you look at international participation? The result: The pack has caught up.

Unlike football, in soccer we don't have the best athletes, we don't have the best teams, we don't have the best leagues, we don't have the best clubs. And we are competing against the entire world, as pretty much every developed country has soccer. And you think high school soccer, where you play for 4 months or so, is the answer to US soccer internationally? Come on son!

I personally think the basic structure for US soccer to be better is already in place. The problem is the American mentality changing to fit to it. High school soccer won't help internationally. College soccer will not help internationally. But these are the normal athletic pathways Americans are ingrained to know as THE way to the pros. And those two ways can and will get you to the America. But the MLS is far inferior to many other pro leagues around the world. So you can follow that path and potentially make be a pro in the MLS, but you are still lacking in the rest of the world.

Americans as a whole don't like to ever believe their way isn't the best way. So instead, we sit at a stalemate between the American public and US soccer, and US Soccer will continue to suffer because of it.

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