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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
Where to start with this gem????

"We were told that Lonzo would be better than Steph Curry..." The only guy saying that was his deranged loudmouth father.

"I don't recall any banter about Fultz. Most didn't even knew who he was." really? you heard nothing about the #1 pick in the draft, and had no idea who he was?

Why do you even come to sports chat sites if you are this clueless?
Where to start with THIS gem...

More than one expert (and LeVar is not an expert in anything but being a baffoon) were all on board with Lonzo from his days at UCLA, to the draft, to training camp and early season... Chris Broussard, Jalen Rose, Kenny Smith, Charles, Adrian Wojo, you name them.

I"m a Sixers fan, of course I heard about Fultz and read up on him before the season. Do I remember him at all at Washington, nope. We knew Lonzo was a one and done before the first UCLA game last year.

I can't speak much about hockey, the Olympics, UCF, boxing, golf and some of those sports, but the majors, football, basketball, baseball I follow pretty closely. And when has there become a level of knowledge you need to have before you post on Yappi??
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