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Originally Posted by arizonawildcat View Post
Yappi, I've been waitig since Wednesday, when I saw this film, for you to post a comments section. IMO, this is the first must see movie of the summer. I give it a 9+ (only because I don't give 10s). It got the highest rating I've ever seen on Rotten Tomatoes, 98% positive. Oddly enough only one of the two bad reviews this movie got was from the PD critic. It's got everything: endless car chases, a lot of violence, all wrapped around a rather sweet and tender love story. So it would be a good date night movie. Above all else, it's got the best soundtrack I've ever heard. The biggest "name" stars are Kevin Spacey, John Hamm, and Jamie Foxx, but the real star is the person who plays the title role. I cannot give a more positive recommendation.
Your review is spot on except I had no trouble giving this movie a 10! My takeaways:

* For me this was the best movie of the year.

* Unlike the endless sequels, prequels, re-imaginings & comic book relaunches this is a very original movie that takes the classic "caper" movie style and spins it out as something fresh & fun.

* The movies use of sound and music is very innovative. There is a seamless flow to what "Baby" is listening to and the action that blows by on the screen.

* The script is witty, fun and the acting is terrific from a bunch of stalwarts including Kevin Spacey and a very scary Jamie Foxx. But the real star of the show is a breakout performance by the lead. This kid steals the show with a very quirky performance.

* At it's heart and in spite of the onscreen carnage this movie has a 50's love story feel to it. As ArizonaWildcat said it's one of those rare date movies that both will enjoy a lot.
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