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Originally Posted by Crusaders View Post
The mayor of Austin has come out and said there will be no public funding for a stadium there.

If Precourt moves the Crew, on the pretense that Columbus needs to build him a downtown stadium, to Austin where he'll need to build his stadium with private funds, after having declined local investment in Columbus...well I'll hope Austin fails spectacularly, he goes broke, and MLS awards an expansion to the would-be Columbus owners with rights to the Crew trademarks and history.

We can only hope!

There should be a rule that forces any owner to live in the city... and if you want to move you have to sell your share of the team! Owner cares nothing about Columbus, he lives in LA! I live in Cincy and I'm a FCC fan... but it sucks what he is doing to Crew fans! Hate to say it... but let him move!
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