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Originally Posted by IVCFan View Post
So just out of curiosity, how long was this class and is that the only lifting FR athletes did each day? Did players in season in other sports still lift? For example, what did basketball players do on game days or during the week in general?

I'm just curious to compare it to what I experienced in high school where my coaches basically fought over athletes and each coach tried to talk you into only playing their sport and told you how bad lifting was during your other seasons.
The class is one period (45 minutes). During the school year that is the primary lifting program. If an athlete is unable to get into the class (scheduling conflicts) then there is after school lifting.

Generally if a Football player is in basketball season a lifting program is developed to not hinder if not help that player. For example not doing a heavy leg workout on game day.

I think every coach can agree that kids lifting makes them better. There are very few issues with coaches discouraging kids from playing multiple sports.
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