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Originally Posted by Indiandad View Post
I probably didn't explain myself the best. The point I was trying to make is that in order to equate PeeWee success to Varsity success you would need every other variable removed. That simply was not the case. Hence the confluence of factors. Furthermore, the PeeWee program had plenty of kids go thru the program for years prior to 2015 with the Varsity routinely winning 2 to 4 games a year. That negates the hypothesis of PeeWee = Varsity success.

FR's success is directly related to the weight training. That is undeniable.
Yeah. No need to explain. You seen the program first hand. I certainly believe there is no good program without good weight training. If you have ever been around the college athletes, their coaches will tell you that is the first and most important thing to success in all sports. From basketball to baseball to hockey to football and beyond.

However, I am a true believer that if kids buy in at an early age and get a taste of success as well as well rounded coaching, it goes without saying that this has a major impact on those confluence of factors that lead directly into putting in the weight training work and working towards a common goal of a state title. Its the snowball effect. Again, best of luck to the Indians. They went from cellar dwellers in the MAC to a perennial scare on schedules!
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