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Originally Posted by belied dat View Post
It's odd that so many people are quick to discredit a coaching hire because someone is "young." To me, it's great that a young, ambitious coach is getting a chance with her own program. I have no idea who else was "qualified" or applied, but there's probably a reason she was hired. Yes, it does help being a female and that's okay. Odds are, no one on here knows anything about her as a coach or person -- especially those making comments about the "odd hire."
Every experienced coach had to start somewhere. So, maybe she will be a good coach.

I would argue that Seton could be a great place for a young coach to start out. The school rarely gets the elite club players needed to compete for league titles and to advance in the state tournament. The girls there just want to have a chance to play. So, this could be a perfect place for someone to start out....there's less pressure to win it all