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Originally Posted by SWMCinci View Post
They got themselves addicted, why should others pay to "cure" them? It's only jail time if they break the law - criminals should face jail time, or fines, or some other punishment, let them pay for their own rehab out of the money they'd have spent on drugs.
Instead of continually wasting money on the War on Drugs, which has never and will never work, use that money to help people. This, along with the decriminalization(and eventually complete legalization) of all drugs is a much more efficient approach, IMO.

The question is are we really naive to believe that we can create a "drug free" country? Obviously it will never be anything but a utopian fantasy. With that said, who would we rather have in charge of these substances? Gangs, cartels, and criminals, or should we let the market take control where regulations can be implemented, much like alcohol and tobacco?
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