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Originally Posted by Taco MacArthur View Post
But that wasn't the reason you said Lonzo won't make it. You said he won't make it because he can't shoot. So you deemed he wasn't fit for the NBA, after a month, because he can't shooter. But somehow I can't make the claim the Embiid and Simmons do not have the games to be closers after 4 and 2 years in the NBA?

He won't fill out much more. He's been in an NBA strength and conditioning program for 2 full years. And I never said his size was an issue. I said he doesn't have the size or physicality to be a LeBron-like closer.
If you are comparing him to LeBron, good luck. There may never be another player like LeBron, combination of size, strength, athleticism and most importantly, durability.
Lonzo can't shoot at an NBA level. He played nearly a full season and he could not shoot. Can he get better, maybe. Fultz is a wild card, he only played a little, and I feel Fultz's game is going to be more about dribble driving, not shooting. I have no idea what Lonzo Ball's strength is. I'd say he's got one more season in LA, if he makes some improvements, they may stick with him, if not, he'll be in Phoenix or Minnesota or Atlanta so he can play. LA doesn't have time for him to develop for 3-4 years.
The nice thing about Simmons is the Sixers are good and can continue to be good without him shooting. That's the great thing, they won 52 games this season and a playoff round and he doesn't shoot outside 10 feet.

I'm not sure what you are watching, this was Embiid's first FULL season, he played 30 games last year, and this was Ben's first season. Where you get 2 and 4 years is beyond me. Just because Embiid was drafted 4 years ago, doesn't count as "experience". I've told you my concerns with Embiid, I worry that he won't be able to reach his potential unless he can somehow train his body to take the rigors of a full season and extended playoff minutes.
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