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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Lonzo will not make it because he's got a 250 lb. ball and chain linked to him. As soon as he loses that, he may have a shot at being a rotational guard in the NBA, nothing more. Fultz is 19 and was injured for 85% of the past season and on a team that frankly didn't need him.

Simmons will fill out, his size is not an issue at all.
At this point, I think most people would pick Lonzo over Fultz. How you think any differently based on this season alone shows you're just a big homer (plus your hate for Lonzo's daddy). Like when you said the Sixers/Cletics series was a toss up because the Sixers choked in two close games. By the same token the Raptors-Cavs series was a "toss up" considering the Raptors missed a shot at the buzzer in Game 1 and LeBron hit a buzzer beater for the win in Game 3.
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