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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Lonzo will not make it because he's got a 250 lb. ball and chain linked to him. As soon as he loses that, he may have a shot at being a rotational guard in the NBA, nothing more. Fultz is 19 and was injured for 85% of the past season and on a team that frankly didn't need him.

Simmons will fill out, his size is not an issue at all.
But that wasn't the reason you said Lonzo won't make it. You said he won't make it because he can't shoot. So you deemed he wasn't fit for the NBA, after a month, because he can't shooter. But somehow I can't make the claim the Embiid and Simmons do not have the games to be closers after 4 and 2 years in the NBA?

He won't fill out much more. He's been in an NBA strength and conditioning program for 2 full years. And I never said his size was an issue. I said he doesn't have the size or physicality to be a LeBron-like closer.
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