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Although the Celtics won the series 3-1, this series was a toss up. The Sixers played very poorly in the last minutes of at least two losses.
That said, this team has gone from 10 to 28 to 52 wins the last 3 seasons and a competitive series in the conference semi-finals.
In Embiid, Simmons and Saric, the team has the foundation for future success. Now it's just development by those three and keeping and adding pieces next season and beyond. A guy to keep an eye on next season will be rookie guard Markelle Fultz. He was slowed by a shoulder injury and only came back the last month of the season. I think his development could move this team over the top. In last night's game, the Celtics took advantage of the Sixers guard defense - Redick, McConnell, Covington. I think Fultz can help there as well as being a guy who can get to the rim.

The major disappointments of this series was Simmons inconsistency, the teams overall 3 point shooting, Marco Bellini and just momentary lapses of judgement and bad turnovers.