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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
Classic stuff here. Must have been sick the day they taught basketball 101.

Why can't he get into shape and train properly? Oh yeah, injuries. FRAGILE.

Everyone needs a jump shot to be an above average player. If they don't respect his shot, he won't be able to penetrate effectively, and passing lanes get clogged.

Why was he on the bench in crunch time? He can't shoot a jump shot.
No, I'm just way ahead of you.

Embiid has a cronic foot condition, kind of like what Bill Walton, Sam Bowie and Greg Oden had. Big men and foot problems don't work well together. If he can somehow stay relevant enough that the Sixers can use him 25-35 minutes per night during the regular season, maybe a little more in the playoffs, then maybe that's as good as it gets.

Ben Simmons is 21 years old. There are countless numbers of players who come into the league with no jump shot. Anthony Davis couldn't shoot outside 10 feet when he was at Kentucky, look at him now. Do you assume Simmons won't get better? Just a goofy statement.

Fultz is what, 19 years old? He had a major shoulder injury and just got back to playing basketball 6 weeks ago. Of course he's not going to be in at crunch time when you are jockeying for playoff positioning.

Fultz will improve greatly over the summer and the next several seasons as long as he's healthy. The Sixers will have some personnel decisions to make over the next few months. Obviously they can't keep everyone in the current rotation. Looking in the backcourt, you have Simmons, Redick, Covington, Fultz, Bellini, McConnell, Anderson, Korkmaz and Luwawu-Cabarrot. Redick is not under contract for next season. Do you play Ben and Fultz in the backcourt, McConnell as the backup? Covington is under contract for the next 4 seasons and is your best defensive guard. And of course there is that rumor that LeBron is coming?
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