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Originally Posted by RAHRAH4KENTON View Post
2001 Marion Local 63 Mogadore 7

2000 Marion Local 54 Mogadore 0

1996 Mogadore 61 St. Henry 58

I didnt say Mogadore would not compete. Mogadore may very well be playing "good football right now" The top MAC teams play "good football" weekly.

Be careful about what you wish for.

I see Elyria is 4-3.
I know those ML teams very well believe me. Very good football teams. And would have loved to get a do-over for that 2001 debacle, we totally laid a huge egg in that game. But I won't get into that, because it makes me angry just thinking about it.

But do you think the kids that are playing now even remember seeing Mogadore play a MAC team? They will not be intimidated if that time comes. They will be ready. They have played a tough OTC schedule and will be ready. According to Drew Pasteur they have played the 9th toughest schedule in Div 7. They have differently increased their SOS this year.
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