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Originally Posted by Johnstown Benny View Post

An alligator. During their freshman year at OSU, Havlicek and Jerry Lucas were roommates and Lucas kept a baby alligator under the bed. As the story goes, Lucas's girlfriend returned from spring break in Florida and gave him the alligator as a present. Havlicek protested keeping the gator in the dorm room.

After several weeks the alligator had grown rapidly and a decision was made to set the "pet" free. A late night car ride to Mirror Lake ended in the alligator gaining his freedom. According to Columbus author, Lee Caryer in his book,"The Golden Age of Ohio State Basketball" Lucas provided this account of the alligator in the dorm room. I remember reading that Havlicek and Lucas would plug up the shower drain and let the alligator swim around for some needed excercise !

I assume the alligator didn't survive it's first Ohio winter in Mirror Lake. In reality, it likely wasn't an alligator anyway, but a South American cayman which looks exactly like an alligator but for many years due to alligators being a protected species in the U.S. the gift shops sold caymans as " baby alligators". I know this for a fact since I was a recipient of a baby "alligator" as a pet as a junior in high school in the 60's from a family friend who had visited the Sunshine state on vacation. The pet was only about a foot long, but very aggressive and after the second or third biting incident I was ordered to get rid of it. I definitely did not keep it under my bed, however. Ended up giving it to friend of mine and I understand it soon was released into the Licking river never to be seen again.

As a child I rebounded for bill hosket and john havlicek while they played horse all afternoon at buckeye basketball camp. That's where I heard the story. Bill told it to me to embarrass john.

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