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Originally Posted by BobcatQB View Post
Not trashing at all, just stating facts. ECOL is falling apart because it added Zville in the first place. Better exposure for what? Sticks, that's funny coming from a Logan supporter. Marietta, New Phila, Dover, Cambridge..lots of sticks in the scarlet division. Cambridge has been awful and will continue to be so until culture changes, I have no problem admitting that.

Logan is the definition of the Hicks. One high school for the entire county.

I would say that Cambridge, Marietta, New Philadelphia, and Dover are in the Sticks too

I think what Paladin was getting at is if Zanesville would play larger schools with better competition in the Central Ohio region their player would get better exposure for recruiting. Which is also a big argument by some for Lancaster not leaving the OCC.

Lancaster, Newark, Zanesville as recent as 25 years ago were in the same conference. And were for many years before that as well. The interesting thing between those city’s is Lancaster and Newark continue grow in population but Zanesville continues decrease.

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