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Originally Posted by freedom_isnt_free View Post
What’s up with Butler? Saw they are 3-3 and it’s been awhile since they had three losses this early in the season. Rebuilding year after all?
Butler faced great competition in MB, easily the best that they have faced in their four years there. Faced three teams that are state championship potential, and as HomeRunsAndDunks mentioned, faced a number of #1 pitchers including Olentangy Liberty’s OSU commit Mitch Milheim. The Aviators competed in each of those games and was in every one. The room for error was small and as you can see some went Butler’s way and some did not. But I believe they will be better because of it down the road.

Three freshman starting this year in Carson Clark, Boston Smith and Quinton Hall, which may be a first at Butler, as I can only remember two at one time. (Cherry and Straley / Dues and Burley) Not only playing but contributing in a big way which is HUGE for the future! No doubt the North is going to be a challenge with Tipp and Troy, but the Aviators will definitely be in the conversation!

There is a lot of baseball to be played!
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