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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
Hmmm...didn't know it was embarrassing to admit.

I could have mentioned other swill that I consumed over the years...Billy Beer (Jimmy Carter's brother...bought many cases for 2 bucks when they went out of business), Heritage House (Fazio's grocery store chain in-house). And who can forget Genessee, a 70's/80's and tolerable...or it's cousin Genny Cream?

Never drank (well almost never ) Busch or Nati Light.
We graduated from Little Kings to Genny Cream Ale, by about Senior year in high school.

An old man ran a dive carry-out in Kettering and he would always sell alcohol to us without carding, even though we were still in high school. One big party night, we were buying several cases of Genny Cream and he suddenly stopped and said, "Whoa, you guys don't look old enough." We thought our party plans were busted, until he said, "Better let me carry the booze to your car so nobody gets your trunk." Party on!
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