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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
In terms of consumption over a lifetime...

1. Stroh's
2. Bud Lite
3. Rolling Rock (70's/early 80's)
4. Miller Lite
5. Schmidt's (70'

You can still purchase Stroh's but it's no longer a stand-alone brewery. It's nostalgic to hold the bottle but I don't think it's really Stroh's.

Craft beers...I get a big headache when I go to some medium-sized bar and I'm given a menu with 75 beers on it. No objection to this being the current "trend", but I'm just not that interested. These days, it's a basic light (Bud, Miller, Coors are all fine). I like Guinness as a change of pace. The Irish like to say about Guinness..."ah, it doesn't travel well"...and they're talking about the other side of their small country. Guinness is close to motor oil thickness in Dublin. I also like Murphy's Stout, a somewhat lighter competitor of Guinness...but it's hard to find outside of Ireland.

Blue Moon is also a favorite.
You're the first person I ever encountered who admitted to drinking Bud Lite.
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