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The Beers In Your Life

Although I am a virtual teetotaler now, I have enjoyed sipping a beer now and then (more then than now) over the years. The first beer I tasted was Carling Black Label, which is what my Dad drank - probably because it was a regular Indians advertiser back in the day and, more probably because it was cheap! Dad would reluctantly pour my brother and me a sip or two on the nights he was not working. I say reluctantly because that left him with about eight ounces, which was not much considering he never drank more than one beer.

These are the beers I have enjoyed for any considerable time over the years - in chronological order:

Strohs' ("fire-brewed") - Haven't had one in years, but I bet I would still like the taste!

Miller - Nothing against the Champagne of Bottled Beer, but it's not Stroh's. What was I thinking?

Coors - Continuing my progression from flavorful to "cool", I guess. Really, is there any bad beer?

Yeungling - My current beer. Sometimes, I will go months (really) without drinking one. But, the first one - or two - of summer is great!

Heineken - Over the years, this has been my special occasion/reward beer and the one I often drink at work-related gatherings.

Craft Beers - I am pretty late to the party on these though I did have a Red Oak at our last gathering. About a dozen craft breweries in our area, so I need to get crackin' (someday).

And, yes, I have done the light beer thing - Miller Lite, Coors Lite, etc., too.

How about y'uns guys? What have been your mainstays over the years?

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