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Originally Posted by ccrunner609 View Post
agreed. Seems like we race these kids alot in HS and they dont race at all in college. Most HS kids dont learn to race in HS. I would think that college coaches would do a little more racing to teach them.
A lot of questions about this situation.

Does the BIG10 have indoor entry requirements for individual events? Or do they have a roster limit. I know some conferences allow anyone to race if you hit the mark. Other conferences say you can run 35 kids and put in them in any event you want. So you could have 7 kids in the 60 but none in the 5000. I like both ideas. And wished we could use them in high school track.

Could the kids have come close to placing? 3000/5000- if you aren't going to be in the top 10-15-- they could be in over their heads.

Another point--if they in over their heads--they could get lapped. That is never fun.
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