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#6 is partially correct

Where Springbrook plaza is today , was only Part of Green Thumb Nursery the Barn on the property was once part of the Belden Farm... itís was an 1880ís bank barn and very well built ... in the 1960ís it was turned into a private Swim and Tennis club, then later in the early 70ís became OLIVERís Restaurant

Max and Ermaís was Mountain Jacks but before that it was The Red Bull Inn a Pittsburgh Chain

Inside Belden Village Mall there were a few two-story stores, The Parisian, The Organ Store, Ups-N-Downs, Burger King, Sears, OíNeils and Higbee who also had a Dining Room, Bakery and Candy Shop upstairs on the north side of the second floor. The Bakery was Hough and Fine Chocolates were London's
The restaurant had a name but I canít remember it .. all higbee stores had a restaurant
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