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Originally Posted by bb9 View Post
What you cite from the Gold Book is the correct mechanic. What we do not know is what kind of communication there was between the official and the player. Maybe he told him that he needed to move up and the player didn't listen and he just didn't get a chance to punch before the snap. That's a hard one to comment on without being there.
19 seconds left in the game. Team with possession down by 3, with 2nd and goal at the 5. 10,000 screaming fans. It's not clear that a spoken warning would've been heard (isn't that why the mechanic describes a clear visual signal?).

There's a picture of the play prior to the snap which shows the LJ. Note that the motion man came clear across the line before the snap; that would seem to indicate he had plenty of time to make the signal.

You can also see video of the play (at 2:06:30), although the LJ is not in the frame.

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