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Originally Posted by WykidWytch View Post
I will be extremely disappointed if they expect me to believe that Glenn survived, even if we're talking about a fictional zombie world. Completely surrounded by a herd, lying on the ground and you're telling me that just because there's fresh meat on top of him, none of the other zombies tear into his face or something? I really, really, really hope the show doesn't go that route.

I never read the comics but had heard that Glenn dies eventually...was really hoping this Sunday was the day. I find his character annoying.
The odd thing, as the zombies "appeared" to be ripping into his innards, he wasn't behaving like someone that was getting his insides ripped out. Which gave me pause about his death.

People in the past have hidden themselves besides the walkers by splattering walker blood all over their bodies. So it's plausable he's still alive IMO.
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