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Originally Posted by joesports View Post
You are not also factoring in the Jets-Giants thing ... there is no way the Giants would want the Jets to jump in front of them and get the QB they would want ... teams will give up players (maybe not Bollas/Engram) if it is the difference between getting the first pick or not ... with all this said ... I really don't think the Browns are going to trade the first pick ... unless they like Allen/Mayfield better than Rosen/Darnold ... there are going to be GMs that really like Allen ... his stats don't jump out at you ... but his talent does ... he reminds me similar to Mahomes ... he had tons of talent but also flaws in his footwork ... some teams believe that is fixable ... who drafted Mahomes last year ... oh, that was Dorsey ... just saying it is something to think about.
I'm not arguing over who the Browns should take. I'm saying you're a fool if you think NYG or Denver are giving up the haul of picks you mentioned, PLUS their 1st Round picks from last year. You say "teams will give up players" to move up, sure they could but generally that's not true. They trade players for additional picks and to shed cap space. They trade picks (current and future) to move up in the draft.
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