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Originally Posted by adselder09 View Post
You're out of your mind if you think Denver or New York are going to give up that much for the #1 overall. Hell the Giants are drafting #2, why would they give up that much to move up one spot. If Rosen or Darnold is taken #1, they can take the other at #2 similar to what the Eagles did with Wentz once Goff was off the board. Nice fantasy though.

Trubisky was drafted by the Chicago Bears in the first round with the second overall pick in the 2017 NFL Draft (after defensive end Myles Garrett was selected by the Cleveland Browns first overall). The Bears moved up from the third overall pick by trading the San Francisco 49ers two third-round picks and a fourth-round pick.[25][26]
And of course swapping the 2 for the 3. Lynch still got the guy he wanted in the first round, too.

Elway likes QBs

Shurmur appears to be in line for NYG. He'd like a solid QB in his second chance as a HC.
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