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Troy D-3 District Rankings (Off Season #5)

I love doing these rankings, but as it has been pointed out before, they are just for fun. To any wrestlers who read these and feel that they are ranked too low, you may be right.
I am bound to be wrong on many of the rankings, but fortunately they have absolutely no impact on how anyone will finish at any tournament this season or any other year.

I started moving wrestlers up and down from their previous yearís weights. The new weights are partially based off of where theyíve been wrestling in the off season, though a lot of it is pure guesswork at this time.
Please let me know if anyone has inside information about new weights, schools, or wrestlers that they think should be added.

Iíve tried shifting the wrestlers around from schools that changed divisions. Please let me know if any are wrong, or if Iím forgetting any schools/wrestlers.

* = unsure about participation

-The schools of the incoming freshmen are based off of the previous Yappi thread. Please let me know if any are wrong or have changed.

1. Cole Skinner- (Middletown) Madison (3x 1st middle school state)*
2. Wyatt Riddle- East Clinton (2nd state)
3. Cael Vanderhorst Ė Covington (5th middle school state)
4. Chase Caprella- Allen East (SQ)
5. Gabe Sutton- Wayne Trace
6. Luke Bullinger- Lincolnview
7. Tristen McKee- Parkway
8. Teagan Hendrix- Greeneview

Although Riddle is now at East Clinton, the future looks bright for Legacy Christian Academy at 106, where 8th grader Gavin Brown wrestled extremely well at Super 32. His only losses (while wrestling in the high school division) were 3-0 to Massachusetts state champ Andrew Fallon, and 3-1 to C.J. Composto who is currently ranked 16th in the country by Flo Wrestling.
Brown also posted a 4-2 win over Brayden Lowery who was 3rd at the Indiana state tournament, and a 3-2 win over Garrett Loutzenheiser who recently knocked off nationally ranked Andrew Chambal.

1. Ethan Turner- Troy Chr. (3rd state)
2. Devan Hendricks- Greeneview (6th state)
3. Camron Lacure- Legacy Christian Academy
4. Wilbur Compress- Reading
5. Dolan Young- Covington
6. Andrew Hutchinson- Tri-County North
7. Casey St. Pierre- Waynesville
8. Ian Goodpaster- Deer Park

Turner beat Illinois state qualifiers Austin McConaha (4-0) and Payton Geigner (6-0) at Preseason Nationals.

Lacure wrestled 120 at Super 32, but he was initially registered for the event at 113. His teammate Hoskins occupies the 120 spot currently.

1. Tommy Hoskins- Legacy Christian Acad. (1st, 1st, 1st state)
2. Payton Lane- National Trail
3. Lane McCombs- Southeastern (6th district)
4. Tyler Bauer- Wayne Trace (6th district)
5. J.C. Fox- Dixie (5th district, 5th district 2016)
6. Jake Mumper- Roger Bacon
7. Trey Sander- Bethel-Tate
8. Devin Miller- Brookville

Hoskins only wrestled one bout at Super 32 before defaulting out, although it was a 10-3 win over Florida state placer Anthony Vitale. Hopefully, heíll make an expedient return to the mat.

1. Kaleb Nickels- Miami East (SQ)
2. Cael Bey- Versailles (5th district)
3. Sam Patterson- Clermont NE
4. Ethin Hoffman- Arcanum (5th district)
5. Brian Chmielewski- Coldwater
6. Deuce Brown- Legacy Christian Academy
7. Ben Stroud- Mechanicsburg
8. Cameron Chamberlin- Indian Lake

1. Graham Shore- Miami East (3rd, 3rd, 7th state)
2. Jacob Edwards- Troy Chr. (3rd, 2nd state)
3. Max Neiling- Patrick Henry (6th district, SQ 2015)
4. Dustin Robins- Reading (6th district)
5. Preston Platfoot- Versailles (5th district, 5th district 2016)
6. Justin Sigler- Coldwater (6th district 2016)
7. Ezra Wallace- Williamsburg
8. Riley Richards- Covington

Shore majored Delaware state placer Wyatt McMullen 10-2, defeated North Carolina state champ Rylee Billings 10-5, and downed Georgia state champ Jackson DiSario 10-4 at Super 32.

1. Alex Isbrandt- Miami East (2nd, 7th, 7th state)
2. Jared Ford- Troy Chr. (5th state)
3. Drew Price- (Middletown) Madison (5th district 2016, 6th district 2015)
4. Jackson Hugentobler- Madeira (SQ)
5. Colton Robins- Reading (6th district)
6. Steven Mangen- Versailles
7. Johnny Schirmer- Blanchester
8. Jasper Scarberry- Ottawa-Glandorf

Ford beat Kansas state placer Asiel Flores 5-4 at Preseason Nationals. He also knocked off Illinois state qualifier Michael Gunther 2-1.

1. Chase Sumner- Ada (8th, 4th state)
2. Zane Strubler- Miami East (SQ)
3. Joey Caprella- Lima C.C. (5th district)
4. Dillon Walker- Legacy Christian Academy
5. Dylan Schenk- Milton-Union (6th district 2016)
6. Kerington Martin- Covington (6th district)
7. Clayton Schirmer- Blanchester
8. Kyle Wuebker- Versailles

I was informed that Schenk will likely be going 145 this season. This weight has the potential to be loaded (a state placer, a state qualifier, 3 district placers, and an excellent freshman in Walker) if everyone stays put at the weight.

1. Wyatt Lefker- Williamsburg (8th state)
2. Luke Brown- Allen East (5th district)
3. Drew Combs- Preble Shawnee
4. Jordan Hinegardner- Lima C.C.
5. Hayden Pummel Ė Indian Lake (4th middle school state)
6. Brent Siefker- Ottawa-Glandorf
7. Matt Hall- Bethel-Tate
8. Thomas Foster- Waynesville

1. Jesse Mitchell- Southeastern (6th district)
2. Dylan Knotts- Indian Lake (5th district)
3. Grant Goecke- Ottawa-Glandorf (5th district)
4. Seth Obringer- Coldwater
5. Hunter Showalter- Wayne Trace
6. James Badial-Luna- Bluffton
7. Devin Oligee- (Middletown) Madison (8th middle school state)
8. Dequan Adams- N. College Hill

145-170 all look like they could have freshman wrestlers who make an impact on the district climate. Pummel, Oligee, and Martin were all middle school state placers last season, and Walker is a highly touted freshman who beat a few middle school state placers from other states last year. Iím a bit hesitant to rank them too high right out of the gate, but thereís a distinct possibility that one or more of these talented youths could wind up in Columbus at seasonís end.

1. Seth Henderson- Miami Valley (SQ)
2. Danny Rosales- Ottawa-Glandorf (SQ)
3. Kellen Calhoun- Bethel
4. Avery Collins- Waynesville
5. Bryson Tarantanella- Preble Shawnee
6. Tyler Gigandet- Versailles
7. Jesse Biser- National Trail
8. Chase Martin- Delphos St John's (6th middle school state)

1. Daniel Beemer- Ottawa-Glandorf (4th, 5th state)
2. Connor Dixon- Indian Lake (SQ)
3. Matthew Welker- Miami E. (5th district)
4. Dustin Knapp- Mechanicsburg (6th district, 6th district 2016)
5. Gage DeHart- Versailles
6. Owen Holtke- Bethel-Tate (6th district)
7. Jordan Stubbs- Preble Shawnee
8. T.J. Rhamy- Patrick Henry*

Rhamy was a middle school state placer in 2016 but was absent from the line-up last season. He could make a deep weight even deeper here at 182 if he is indeed participating this season.

1. Will Morrow- Patrick Henry (SQ)
2. Damon Beatty- Troy Chr. (SQ)
3. James Peters- Blanchester
4. Zach Banks- (Middletown) Madison (SQ)
5. Craig Montgomery- National Trail
6. Skyler Straszheim- Twin Valley South
7. Dakota Sargeant- Columbus Grove
8. Desmond Brown- Coldwater

Montgomery placed 6th at Preseason Nationals in the freshman/sophomore division where he beat Missouri middle school state finalist Dorian Walters 3-2 in the tiebreak.

1. Deandre Nasser- Bluffton (SQ)
2. Tyler Courtright- Milton-Union (SQ)
3. Brenden Dalton- Miami East (5th district)
4. Ty Stevenson- Preble Shawnee
5. Cole Mefford- Indian Lake (6th district)
6. Bradley Lewis- Bethel-Tate
7. Nick Baker- Troy Chr.
8. Dylan Sargeant- Columbus Grove

1. Brian Stears- Williamsburg (4th state)
2. Thomas Schweiterman- Coldwater (5th district)
3. Jeff Meyer Ė Columbus Grove (1st middle school state)
4. Jeffrey Ware- Versailles
5. Joey Groeber- Clermont NE
6. Brennan Davies- Allen E.
7. Noah Reel- Wayne Trace
8. Adam Bailey- Ada

1. Miami East
2. Troy Christian
3. Versailles
4. Ottawa-Glandorf
5. Legacy Christian Academy
6. Indian Lake
7. (Middletown) Madison
8. Coldwater

The bump up to 132 makes sense for Shore in terms of increasing his odds for a state title. He owns a win over Hoskins and has been nationally ranked, but he avoids 2 potential 4x state champs (Hoskins and DíEmilio) if he goes 132, and he doesnít have to cut weight.
It should also help Miami Eastís district scoring, bumping up Shoreís placement from 2nd to 1st (theoretically).

Legacy Christian Academy drops a bit in the rankings with Riddleís move to East Clinton. Itís too bad they canít have 8th grader Brown wrestle for them this season at 106. Heíd have a shot at a state title if he were in high school this year.

A special thanks to Boro Fan for all the insight into the weights of the wrestlers, Baumís Page and Jakeís Wrestling for all of the results that they provide, and to any of the other wrestling nerds that actually read these things.

-Max Pearce
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