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Can someone from every team post what they return this year.I will start.

McKinley returns 1 starter and 7 players with playing time.

McKinley returns Deontae MCCollum 10.6 5'11"

McKinley returns these players with playing time:

Tymere Straughter 5.4 6FT
J'Von Johnson 5.8 5'9"
Jaedyn MCCallup 4.1 6'5"
Sam Williams 3.8 6'2"
James Howell 3.5 6'1"
Tyreece Nance 3.3 6'1"
Elija Curtis 3.0 5'9"

The Pups also have a phenom freshmen Kobe Johnson 6'3" who will get playing time! He will be one of the best players in the league next year.

And the JV went 15-3 last year.
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