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Originally Posted by vamp2syd View Post
well... of course it is now my cable that is now freezing. This is annoying. The booster box that they hooked up a few years ago is now gone. He must of disconnected it and took it ... why? I have no idea...... phone and wifi still working though..... why did he even mess with the TV I have no idea.....

You may be you are Yappi's Joe Btfsplk....

Heard this one may years ago.

(name changed to needle)

vamp2syd is driving down the road during the start his normal day,
hits a pothole and gets a flat. Pulls over and changes the tire,
cussing a little and says "Lord, why does this stuff happen to me?"

On the way home that night he stops at a fast food drive up window
and orders two burgers, two large fries, and a chocolate milk shake...
Gets home; the bag contains... only 1 burger, two small fries, and
a vanilla shake; *&^%%^$ "Lord, why does this stuff happen to me?"

A day later he gets a notice from the IRS; his tax return is in error
and instead of getting back $1,270; he is only getting back $1.27...
*&^%%^$ "Lord, why does this stuff always happen to me?"

vamp2syd scores a date with this really hot chick; she wants
to go on a picnic at the state park. They set up every thing and
then the clouds roll in; starts raining like crazy; his date bee lines
it to the car.

vamp2syd: %%$#@&** "Lord, why does this stuff always happen to me?"

All of a sudden there are several large lightning bolts striking the
trees near by, large claps of thunder, the clouds part, and a booming voice
emits from heaven...
"Because some people just plain pizz me off!!!"

- - -

Keep your sense of humor.



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