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Originally Posted by Auggie View Post
A better link to the column:

“Spoiled rich kids” lobbed at the VASJ students? Did I miss something, when did VASJ become Gilmour or US?

This should be required reading for those that want to better understand the bitterness that lead Wayne County to be ground zero in the anti-catholic er competitive balance debate. This column should have been under the Op-Ed bi-line too as it was filled with mostly snide opinion rather than a true fact based report of the game. Quotes like, "One group is from a Christian school. The other is from a school full of Christians." are classic Wayne County bitterness when they lose to any school that doesn't look like them. Wayne County should just be shunned and let them create their own sports organization; leave the rest of the state alone.
Wow! That "journalist" has some serious issues.
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