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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
Correct me if I am wrong...

In the not too distant past (half a dozen years ago), there was a period where students were throwing in the government provided $5700 voucher at VASJ but not paying the remainder of what was owed...and the school, in somewhat desperate times, was letting people get away with it. As I understand it, that doesn't happen today.
Cat, I am sorry, that was not VASJ. I believe Chanel was in that position at some point because I remember VASJ and another east side Catholic School agreeing to continue the agreed upon financial arrangement families had with Chanel when Chanel closed. VASJ only got about 20 kids from Chanel if memory serves me and by now, they have all graduated. There are kids that receive both academic (based on entrance placement test scores) and need based assistance (based on PSAS Financial Aid applications) off of the list price of $9000 but there isn't a formal program to take only the voucher amount as full payment.
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