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People here can say what they want about me on this site - some is deserved and some is not. I at times get a bit carried away and if I step out of line and I'm wrong - I'm man enough to apologize. I'm a grown man. What I will not allow is for someone (especially and outsider) misrepresent or downgrade the character of our boys or school. Now I may not have attended Joe's - but they have been very good to my son and our family. I have true friends there, I support the school on many levels and they have accepted me into their community.

I was at the game Saturday from the time the teams entered the arena until the time Joe's finished cutting down the nets. Here are a few things the writer failed to mention. He did not mention that the Northwestern fans were riding Alonzo, Danny and Gene on every warm up shot and yelling things that obviously bothered them. In retrospect the VASJ students did not say a word to Northwestern as they warmed up in front of them - not even a peep about their cornrows. Secondly when McGarry had a big dunk with a kid right behind him he got excited - like any kid would do. The fans and even the Northwestern coach were saying stuff to him - so Danny being firery like he is said something back, and was abruptly scolded by Papa and placed on the bench. You see we don't play like that and we don't disrespect our opponents. Remember it was the NW coach that started it. In the 4th quarter what player used two hands to shove a VASJ player to the floor fighting through a screen - a NW kid. Again no mention. Let's talk about the rough play of #40 who should have fouled out much sooner but the refs knew he was their only player. How about the chubby kid who laid out one of the Joe's kids late in the game on a lay up and then flexed and pointed to the crowd for approval. Finally the start the tractor chant would not have started without some of the insulting chants first started by NW. The cheer about Joe's being spoiled rich kids is what prompted it. It did get a chuckle from us parents who are unaware we are rich.

I'm sort of surprised more Joe's people are not on here defending our kids. We have sent kids to elite schools every year out of our program and even had a kid last year attend West Point. Many of the kids on the teams the last several year have been at my house and they are as good of kids as you will meet. The NW center knew what to expect playing Joe's because he actually invested in getting better by playing AAU - how many teammates did. Hell my 12 year old daughter is playing - to get better.

What angers me the most of the blatant racial undertones in the story. Joe's plays hard and they are talented and intense. Im sorry your team is not. That is not their fault. I saw way more rough play from NW than I did from Joe's. But to question players religion based on skin color is just wrong on many levels. Maybe not in Wayne County - but it is in NE Ohio. I spoke with several NW fans and they were nice people who where genuinely interested in how we can be so good every year. The did not assume and were shocked when hearing how close they actually live to the school. In fact our kids live closer than many of the NE kids do to their school I'm sure. Knowing the true thoughts of the NW coach and this AHole writer makes me not give a damn what they think of the game. I now wish Joe's would have ran the score up on them to really piss off the racist bastards. Talk about being classless. The paper should be just as ashamed to even publish that non factual piece of garbage without at least checking some facts.
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