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Originally Posted by CatAlum View Post
Wow...pretty ugly stuff.

I didn't attend the game, but the fan "back and forth" sounds like typical high school. Very interesting that the author gives a nod of approval to the bigoted "Catholic" comment while feeling outraged by the farmer put-down. So, while I'm sure the kids for Northwestern are good kids/fine, can't we agree that stepping into the religious realm isn't very nice?

One other thought...if you think what you write out here doesn't matter, it seems to me that this author gets "fuel" from one VASJ poster in particular. People speak for themselves, but readers from outside of your community inevitably tie the school to the comments of the school's supporters.

Last high school's students are heavily Catholic. However, there are several Catholic high schools in Cleveland (probably other big cities as well) who serve the poor, the minority and many of their students aren't Catholic. Condemning, mocking, ridiculing that effort IS bigoted. VASJ isn't a white school with a black basketball team. The school is somewhere close to 60-40 in its black/white racial enrollment.
I also caught this, wonder if the VASJ fans will tie this columnist back to this school?

By the way kind of a shame that Tim Warsinskey isn't writing about HS sports anymore. While no fan of private schools he loved calling out the folks from Wayne County in his column when they came up with this type of vitriol.
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