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I will tell you that in 30+ years of officiating, I have had only 3 biters and all of them were obvious RIGHT now. It is rare enough that I can remember the match and the details. The wrestler who was bitten jumped up immediately just as you would expect because it hurts.
You look at the affected body part and there must be upper and lower imprints.
A hard cross face could lead to the this but, in my experience, it only leads to an upper OR a lower teeth imprint, not both. This is primarily because of the direction of the force applied.
Is this "bite" in a place where the wrestler could have done it to himself? If not, the official had to have witnessed the bite. For example I can bit my own arm but I can't bite my own butt. It is not physically possible.
If the official witnessed the "bite", flagrant misconduct is the call and the next two weeks (or so) are cleared off the wrestlers schedule.
I would highly doubt that you have any options. It had to be dealt with at that time. It sounds like the official looked at the situation at the time and decided that the conditions above were not met.
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