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I think once the dust settles, everyone will back off the edge. JT has regressed terribly, and I am not sure if it is all mental or if he is playing hurt, but he looks slow. Additionally, I think that OSU has very raw talent on the outside, who can run deep, but their inability to run the other routes very well are being highlighted big time. The most glaring problem that I see is that Ed Warriner and Tim Beck REFUSE to utilize the RPOs in their offense. For example, Clemson killed Ohio State by putting their linebackers/safeties in a bind by making them decide between defending the run or pass. Ohio State NEVER established the running game with Weber and that again is because Warriner and Beck panic at the first sign of difficulty and try to pass the other team out of their defense.

I think that this is the season that there are finally some coaching changes being made on the offensive staff. When former players, many of who are in the NFL, are ripping the offensive play calling it cannot be a coincidence. Oh, and I think there was a certain running back who got drug over over the coals for calling out the terrible play calling after an embarrassing loss to MSU a few years ago.
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