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Originally Posted by joesports View Post
The problems with OSU's offense is lack of vertical stretch. When defenses can condense the field by playing the DBs tight to the LOS it makes it really tough to run or pass. You have to stretch the defense no matter what ... for most of the game Ohio State didn't even send receivers deep ... thus Clemsons DBs were playing really tight to the LOS and made it tough to run or get open. You have to send WR deep no matter what ... and occasionally throw it, even if you don't complete it, it at least forces the safeties to play deeper. OSU didn't do this until the end of the game.
Playing scared. It took the Bucks a full season - less one and a half quarters - to figure this out - if they did. My guess is they finally threw deep out of desperation (always bad) and not out of inspiration (the light comes on). Probably still in denial. And, that's in Egypt! There's always next year...
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