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Originally Posted by 14Red View Post
Play calling, assistant coaches must go, recruiting....How about this folks, maybe the Buckeyes and the Big Ten simply aren't that good??

I kind of wondered why the "experts" kept telling us during the season how good the big ten is now and how it may be the best conference in America...based on what???

I still see the same big ten, one or two good teams and a bunch of mediocre to bad ones. Yes, JT Barrett and the Buckeye offense looks great against Ohio University, Purdue, Illinois and Minnesota, but what about actual GOOD teams??? I tell people all the time the Buckeyes would have 3-4 losses per season if they played an SEC schedule (or now an ACC schedule). What a snow job the Buckeye did on the committee?? And people wanted 2 Big ten teams in the playoff?? After USC destroys Penn State tomorrow, we'll see what a weak conference this really is.
Penn State will win the Rose Bowl. Something has clicked for them and the QB is tough. The Buckeye offense also looked good against Oklahoma. The problem is the offense is too one dimensional and once teams figure it out, the offense is dead. It's had to block guys who are moving to where the ball is going, so then the line looks bad. It's hard to make guys miss when three defenders are sitting there waiting for you to catch it. I do not know what happened to Barrett; he used to pass well. This is the second year that the offense has struggled late in the year. TOSU almost lost to a bad MSU because of the offense. The Michigan game was almost lost because of the offense. I can't believe that Meyer is not worried about his OC. This game should be a wake up call. Clemson did not have talent that should have been able to beat tOSU 31 - 0.
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