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Originally Posted by Indiandad View Post
Possibly. I'd trade Hamilton before Scooter though.
Maybe sign Scooter to a 4 yr/$30M deal. That would buy 2 yrs of Arbitration and 2 yrs of FA. He would be a FA at age 31. I would front load the deal in the first 2 years with $10/yr if you're not wanting a FA top line pitcher.
A deal like that would be attractive to Scooter I would think. It would also make him tradeable in the last 2 years of the deal if necessary. If the Reds aren't going to venture into the FA market now then it makes sense to front load a couple of contracts (Suarez?).

I don't think they'll be a big trade market for Scooter. He is past being cheap ($6M this year, $12-$14M next year if he duplicates his 2017 stats). If he can't repeat this season or at least come close then why would a team part with a bone fide starting pitcher for him? I think the Reds are better off trying to sign him now for 4 years if the price is right.
Second basemen in general have little value, so yes, I'd agree there isn't much of a market for Scooter. I do think he likes and wants to be in Cincy. He reminds me of a younger Scott Rolen. I think he's a good clubhouse guy as well. Likewise, I don't know that you're going to get much for Billy. And in watching the playoff games, how much of an advantage is it, in these close, tight games to have a guy that can do what Billy does on the bases? The stolen base/ bunting has almost evaporated from baseball.
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