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Do not hate me because I have the good info hook up and I am always right. You want my real opinion? Here you go. Northwest, Manchester, CVCA will compete for the title. Northwest and CVCA because they will have the talent to do it. Northwest has a broader talent pool to choose from. CVCA has a lot of younger kids who got good playing time last year. CVCA may even be a year away from being their very best but they will compete for the PAC title this year. Both teams have fair to decent coaching. Coaching is the reason Manchester is in it. Coaching is the reason they are always in it. I know a lot of people including me dog Manchester for the old school approach but the coaching there is still better than at a lot of other schools. That staff gets more out of average talented kids than they have a right to. Honestly I was disappointed that Orrville was not a bigger factor. I am questioning whether the talent pool there is drying up. At Triway it will come down to how well the new coach and the team mesh. Sarachan has a good football mind but he is used to having the hand picked talent at Hoban. Will he be able to match his offense to the talent he will have? He is a pretty good coach so I think he will, but Triway is still going to go through an adjustment and will finish in the middle somewhere. Same stiuation at Tuslaw. Gulling was a big reason for Marlington being so improved the past few seasons but he had talent to work with there. Can he adjust to the smaller talent pool at Tuslaw? We will see. I think he can, but it may take a season to get there. A lot of people have made the point I will make about Fairless. They usually have talent but the coaching is always suspect. Sooner or later they will get it together but I do not think that it will be this year. Like CVCA, Loudonville played a lot of younger kids last year. Unlike CVCA, I do not know that it will make a difference in the PAC. It could but I am not convinced.

Below is how I think the PAC will finish

1 (Tie) CVCA (8-2 6-1)
1 (Tie) Northwest (8-2 6-1)
3 Manchester (7-3 5-2)
4 Orrville (5-5 4-3)
4 Triway (5-5 4-3)
6 Tuslaw (3-7 2-5)
7 Loudonville (2-8 1-6)
8 Fairless (1-9 0-7)

Also my CCC Crusaders will once again be the Champions of Division Five.
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