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Originally Posted by wolves82 View Post
A) Jay Bruce was already gone - its called being a free agent
B) "Cheap Owners" - LOL.

Indians were 18th in the MLB in overall team payroll in 2017, and 13th in payroll for the 25 man roster.

This is despite them being 29th in attendance in 2015 and 28th in attendance in 2016, when they went to the World Series!! And they are very below average in their local cable TV revenue also. The fact that they spend on the roster at all for fans who never show up is impressive.
Isn't he special ?

His avatar is the helmet my kids and neighbors' wear They earn the right to wear it on the field. He got his from Yappi, and slams the kids in the HS football forum like they were pro players being paid to entertain him. One 17-yr old QB punched him in the face once.

My town has HIM as a free agent from Twinsburg, literally. We paid nothing for him. He's a local celebrity!!
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