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Originally Posted by joesports View Post
This team could be good ... they must resist the hype though ... last night Lue extended the second units min. in the second half because they were playing well ... that is what needs to be done ... and it will work as long as no one let's their ego get in the way of team success ... some nights some players are going to play/score more than other nights ... if they can accept this and continue to play as a team ... this could be really fun!
LB still played 40+ minutes last night, it will catch up sooner or later. The Cavs are playing on adreline right now. They've got some young kids who want to prove to the world they belong. Let's see how it goes for 10-20 games. There are still a bunch of these guys who've not played in any meaning full games down the stretch and into the playoffs.
Now if they continue to shoot like they do, then maybe they can make a run, but water generally finds it's level.
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