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Originally Posted by bedevil View Post
I swear to God, I think you're afflicted with a new malady: Yappi Tourette's Syndrome. It's like you can't control your hands and you just type out asinine garbage. Please tell me comments like the post above aren't intentional.

Who knows if the Cavs will make the Finals? Boston, Washington and Toronto all have a puncher's chance. But the Cavs got younger, faster, hungrier, and, quite simply, better in one day. Their chances of returning to the Finals improved exponentially in one day. Their performances against Boston and OKC give Cavs fans hope. A week ago, that wasn't the case.
I agree completely ... a week ago they were hard to watch ... the last few games have been a breath of fresh air ... effort, teamwork, and enthusiasm are back ... before the purge, I really didn't think they would make it out of the first or second round ... now I feel like they will at least make it to the ECF ... while I still believe the finals will be difficult ... they have a punchers chance ... sometimes having more Robin's and less Batmen is a good thing.
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