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Originally Posted by Professor.Klump View Post
For good reason Buckeye, when you been to the dance every year since 2010 you pick up a lil self esteem about yourself. Not sure why this being done by a Public School is not a big deal to the Hoban folk, but ok.

Now for SVSM we beat them by 30 earlier, you know how you did us in the State Football Final,lol. I think that's why people are so confident about us beating SVSM.

Look Buckeye learn how to win, then go the F%@#K away. I do have a few quick questions, Buckeye wheres Hoban are they playing tomorrow? Let me know because I would really love to see those guys play basketball. Are they still in the tournament , or did you just decide to start talking out of the side of you're Azz?

I'm not really a Hoban fan, just making an observation. Harboring all that rage over getting smoked by Hoban is bad for your blood pressure. Take a breath, it's just a game, being played by kids. Go Irish !!!
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