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umm the two game suspension was served , it's over , the administration and school officials are 10000 percent behind the coach here if you initiated any recruitment he would have been fired that's not what happened though , complete support there is no other eligibility or any questions or problems to deal with at all , there was never an ineligible player or anything like that, so you raising questions about NOTHING is weak .

What legitimate questions or unanswered questions are there ? The kid and his father went to Crabtree's office uninvited, asking about the kid moving from one side of the river to the other because the kid was told in certain terms he would never start at QB for Scioto stage dad who is a confirmed piece of work started HIS OWN SON'S HIGH SCHOO SEARCH , Crabtree certainly didn't approach this kid who would have probably never started or been a star QB at Coffman .

Coach made a mistake both coaches , it wasn't some great recruitment story , it was dealt with and it's over kid is at DeSales, nice kid I am told good luck to him .

The FACT is you are slinging non existent mud here, why would there be expanding discipline ? The story is over punishment served end of story , whose eligibility are you inferring is in question ? Your questions are backed up by facts ? what facts ? the story played itself out , it's done except for your obtuse trolling that is
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